IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd

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Johannesburg, 2193
South Africa

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Welcome to IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists (Pty) Ltd

IMBEWU is a Johannesburg (South Africa) based legal specialist consultancy providing services to the South African and international markets.

IMBEWU specialises in all aspects of environmental, mining, energy and health and safety law.

IMBEWU collaborates with the law firm Warburton Attorneys in order to provide specialist environmental litigation and other legal services, including commercial services and providing attorney client privilege, where appropriate.

Sabinet Online Corporate DivisionIMBEWU was nominated by the Professional Sector Network as the top Environmental Legal Firm of 2014 - South Africa.

Our Vision

Seeding sustainable growth through law.

Our philosophy

Among our objectives is the facilitation of our clients’ legal compliance, so ensuring the limitation and management of negative impacts on the environment and employees and the significant risks that are associated with non-compliance.

We go about this by developing strong partnerships with our clients in order to address issues of compliance, and the current and potential impacts of their business operations, most appropriately.

Ultimately we hope to convey the benefits of moving beyond legal compliance and of embracing the spirit of environmental, mining, energy and health and safety law by emphasising the importance of the philosophy of sustainable development and the integrative principles on which sound sustainability management is based. We also strive to develop and facilitate a strategic approach to compliance in the business sector.

Our logo

The word "imbewu" means "seed" in the Southern African Nguni languages of Zulu and Xhosa. This notion of growth resonates with IMBEWU’s focus on sustainable development in the South African region.

Indeed IMBEWU is an apt point of departure for our goal of providing 'fruitful' and practical sustainability legal advice that seeks to inform South African and African sustainable development.

By linking IMBEWU with the image of the African Baobab tree we wish to convey our determination to be a source of reliable and continuing advice that considers the changing African environment and which provides clear and appropriate guidance to our clients.

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